Look Back in Anger

Look back in Anger, was published in 1956, Osborne was of 26 at the time of submission of this play at Newly open English Stage Company and this play made his esteemed as dramatist and establish him as “Angry Young Man”.

 Jimmy Porter is character of dissatisfaction

Jimmy psychological complexity is strongly dissatisfied with life in general, leading a routine life with no variety even the Sunday Newspaper having the sameness. Jimmy representing the post-war generation; “who founds nothing right with contemporary world”. Osborne created Jimmy as an example of the “angry young man”— He wants Alison and Cliff to show some great interest in daily environment.


Jimmy is not satisfied with the reviews of Sunday newspaper and feels ignorant. Here what actually Jimmy wants in response, a conscious environment, one who can comments on the daily routines of society and make some awareness. But what Jimmy receives only negative aspects so he rages on Cliff Lewis and his wife Alison; as they don’t want to overhead, what is going in the society?

The reading “book review” on the “statement of Bishop” and woman meeting to “American Evangelist”, is an attempt by Jimmy to get some comments by his wife. It is always assumed that Woman can understand the other woman pain and it is fact, but Alison response is Zero neither he received any comment from Cliff. Here if Jimmy frustrates not because of their muteness but because of their social unconsciousness.

It will be appropriate “If Jimmy say Cliff and Alison having an attitude of passivity”.

Jimmy Says “Nobody thinks, nobody cares, No beliefs, con convictions and no Enthusiasm. Just another Sunday Evening” by one can conclude passivity of Alison and Cliff is not for the first time, it usually happens whenever they gather and because they gather on Sunday, it usually happen so.

If Jimmy condemned and give sarcastic comments for Alison family because he thinks, they too; are same as Cliff and Alison.  Jimmy makes comments on Alison Family and friends because in his opinion, they provide dull remarks which cannot be ignored by Jimmy. According to Jimmy; Alison Father always thinks about his bright days in India.

Jimmy also highlighted the Quality of cabinet minister in the form of Nigel (Alison brother), because they provide dull remarks as Nigel do so.

Although Jimmy criticizes, Alison thought out the play but some love is being showered with use of “Bear and Squirrels” Game.  The toys acts as the symbolic devices; “Bear” representing “Jimmy” and Squirrel represent “Alison” providing shelter from the unpleasant realities and adjusting them in melodious relationship. This game is the courageous effort in order to compensate themselves for the failure of their marriage; this is because Jimmy and Alison married against the wishes of their parents. Side by side we are all aware animals have natural affections towards each other rather than the intellectual inconsistency nor they have any class distinction, as we see thought out the drama, Jimmy criticize class distinction direct / indirect ways. So the game acts as the symbolic device to forget their social hard realities and distinction.

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