Dr Faustus Act 2-Summary

Act 2 Scene 1

Faustus is alone in the study and feeling mentally hopeless because of his inner consciousness troubles him.  He thinks about the god and decides to turn on the god again by making the church to the devil. He would offer lukewarm blood of new born babes.  Due to his mental conflict Good and Bad Angle appears again

  Suggestion of Good Angle

  • Good angle suggest him to fall flat to the god.

Suggestion of Bad Angle

  • Bad angle suggest him to get wealth and honor of fascination as he desire the lordship of rich city of Emden.

Faustus reacts on Bad Angle suggestion and thinks God will not harm him as long as devil is with him.

Signing of Bond with Lucifer

In Act 1 Scene 3 Mephistopheles exit for sanction of resolution offer by Faustus to Lucifer.  Lucifer agrees to buy his soul on the some condition by signing the bond with his blood.  While signing the bond his blood congeals (make or become semi-solid by cooling) but devil brings burning coal and dissolve his blood to complete his bond. There after he donate his soul to the Lucifer. While signing a bond Faustus also get inscription “Man run away” Faustus gets puzzled but he didn’t run.

 Presentation by Devil to Faustus

  • Devil called others devil to entertain Faustus. The provide rich garments to the Faustus..
  • They tell him, he had acquired the power of summons.
  • Faustus Longs for the woman. Devil provides another devil in the form of mistress.
  • They provide him a magic book with its help he could get great controls on human beings as well as elements. The book will also help him to acquire other great knowledge

Question by Faustus

  • Faustus ask devil about the location of hell


  • Devil reply hell is not a region. Hell is a condition in which one feels tortured.

Act 2 Scene 2


A Few years onwards Faustus again gets in mental conflict. He thinks of heaven as he feels deep sorrow about contracting with Lucifer. So he blames Mephistopheles for setting off the path of evil. He wants to apologize for his breaking of divine or moral law and have a strong wish or desire for decline further association with Lucifer. The two angles appear again and leave Faustus depart. Faustus heart feels impossible to step back. He hears fearful voice “as he already damned because he contract with Lucifer”.

He wants to suicide but he can’t kill himself because of his joyous life discourage his mental conflict.


Question of Faustus to Mephistopheles

Faustus Question

  • Faustus asks about number of heaven and whether they are constitute in one globe?

Mephistopheles answer

  • All the spheres are “mutually folded in each other Orb”. They travel jointly in one axis tree whose limit is known as Zodiac (belt of the heavens including all apparent positions of the sun, moon, and planets as known to ancient astronomers, and divided into twelve equal parts).


Faustus ask question about the agency that made the world. Mephistopheles refuses and warned Faustus not to ask questions that are against the kingdom of the hell. He also suggested him to think solely for the hell as he is already damned by contracting.  Faustus get annoyed with the answer of Mephistopheles and nick name him as “accused Spirit”

Angles suggestions for Faustus.

  • After dissatisfactory answer of Mephistopheles, Good Angle whispers in Faustus ear and say god had made the world. It cause confusion in his heart but it is too late for step back normal. Good angle also suggest him there is not too late you can repentance.
  •  On this suggestion bad angle warns Faustus devil will tear him in two pieces
  • Faustus get mental distress after the suggestion of both angle he wants to free his soul, so call upon the Christ (also now treated as a name, given to Jesus) to save his soul but at the same time he confronted with Lucifer, Mephistopheles, Beelzebub.  They warn him not to think of God. Faustus gets scared and assured that he will never think of god and heaven again


Lucifer provides him magic book by which he can turn in any shape.


My View

Dr Faustus feeling afraid of death, he thinks of god and heaven. Although he was being suggest in each Act of play.

  • Act 1 (Scene 1) he ignores the Good Angle suggest him to study the Holy Scriptures.
  • Act 1 Scene 3 Mephistopheles suggest him information before commitment
  • Act 2 Scene 1 good angle suggest him to fall flat to god.
  • Act 2 Scene 1 he also got inscription “Man run away” but he didn’t run.

He is interpreted in every act by good suggestion but he ignores them.  After signing the bond he had become the puppet of Lucifer. Now he feels afraid of being damned. His blind faith confronted him to Lucifer and there he pleased not to think of god or heaven.

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