Elizabethan Age Drama Dr Faustus Act 5

Act 5 Scene 1

Faustus end is approaching as he already given all his goods to Wagner. Wagner is puzzled. Wagner is a fun loving person as suggested in Act 1 Scene 2.

Faustus accompanied with Mephistopheles and three scalars. One of the scholars desires to see Helen (One of the most beautiful woman in world). Faustus full fills his scholar desire by summoning Helen by powerful magic words. The scholars are wonder stuck by seeing her beauty. They thank Faustus for his glorious event.

An old man rebukes Faustus for his sinful agreement with the devil.

Old man Suggestion

  • He suggests Faustus to seek Christ kindness to wash away this guilt’s and appeal god for mercy.  Faustus feels scared as he is bound to go hell after the death.
  • He gets a dragger from Mephistopheles but old man stops his to do suicide.
  • He suggests him to despair his mind from Devil the angel hanging over his head will bless you a god grace and disappear considering over his sins.

Faustus fails to repent on old man suggestion because of his mental conflict.


Mephistopheles Action on suggestion

Mephistopheles calls him a conspirator against Lucifer and scared Faustus to tear him up.

Faustus begs for his offence and demands for renewal of bond by his blood.  He also suggests him to torture the old man soul.  However he cannot do so because old man has unflinching faith in god

Act 5 scene 2


The old man reappears again and criticizes Faustus for ignoring his suggestion of divine grace and to follow the path of necromancy. The devil appears and started giving physical torture to old man but his unflinching faith in god remains unshaken.


Act 5 Scene 3

Faustus feeling discomfort for committing of unpardonable sin and he ask his scholars to pray for him. The Scholars exit to next room.

Faustus appeal to nature

  • He appeals the planet to halt the time so that he can repent to save his soul.
  • He appeals stars and mountain to purify him so that he can enter the heaven.

Faustus appeal to God

  • He thinks of God for mercy and asks to fix a limit of his damnation in the hell.
  • He thinks his body should be turned into air or water vapors which get lost in bosom of ocean.

 Appearing of Devil

The devil appears with violent look Faustus cry in fear and devil takes him away.

 Theme of the drama

A man should not practice things, which are not permitted by heaven.

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