House made of dawn

A novel as Buildugroman                   

  1. Examine the life of Abel and the light of this definition we find enough justification to call “House made of Dawn as Buildugroman

Key fact about Abel life

  1. Abel almost orphan matures though his travels.
  2. His exposure of White world and his participation in world war II
  3. Learns thought the encounter of Martinez and Albino
  4. Involvement with Angela also shapes his growth.
  5. Observation and participation in ritual events of community
  6. Direct teaching by his grand Father Fransisco and his recall for his significant history of his community
  7. Whatever doubts and dissatisfaction troubled Abel at the beginning are clear he is reborn.

House Made of Dawn

Characters with inimical attitude toward Abel

  • There are three characters, which inimical attitude towards Abel one of them was is John Tosamah, the Kiowa “Priest of sun, Who drives Abel to drink
  • Major Rival :- The second major rival is Albino. The Albino is successful in chicken pull game and Abel fails. The Albino pursues Abel, pins him to wall and flails him with roaster, thus humiliating and injuring him

Mamaday Affirmation

  1. Critics like Harold S.MC. Allister and Lowerence J. Evers given positive interpretation of Novel and explain the ending as spiritual renewal and cultural rejuvenation of novel, not only for Abel, but his tribe as a whole.


  • Presented by Charles R. Larson
  • Essay Rejection of Reluctant Return


Circular Image

  • The structure is circular and circle encloses as trap.
  • The Indian cultures are trapped or surrounded in helpless way by the Anglo – American society. A Circular journey which undertakes is a Journey to nowhere.

Obscurity :- Obscurity as major problem in understanding the meaning in the novel.

  • Ex Ambiguity in the age, parentage and racial origin of Albino ? Is he a white man or Indian, why he was called “White man”
  • There are may question which are not answer in the novel
  • Francisco tell his grandson point the dawn runner that they are dead runner. After grandfather’s funeral Abel runs the ceremonial race. Larson interpenetrate this race towards death.
  • Larsen is quite clear in mind that overall picture of American Indians which emerges from a study of House made of Dawn is one of Pessimism. The future has nothing to offer the pas can recaptured in fleeting moments only.
  • The people who are denied a future are all but doomed the Indians are vanishing breed not a rejuvenated breed.

Abel was already trapped

  • On the reservation, he is associated with caged eagle.
  • Outside the reservation he is likened to fish out of water
  • He physically wounded by Martinez and feels a spiritual void in his life. He becomes Zombie, a spiritual void in his life. He become Zombie, a dull stupid, unattractive person. So he is practically dead in body and mind, of course, Abel returns home completing the circular Journey. Burt Larson , Says Abel return to die he has no choice.

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