The playboy of the western world

The playboy of the western world is a sheer extravagant comedy as Christy character develops within twenty four hours and amateur Christy absorb consciousness to which he lacks from his childhood.  Taking another way it seems a satirical comedy because western Ireland people giving shelter to a murderer who just killed his father.  As the listeners like Micheal, Philly & Peegen accomplish murderer story with heroic strength and approved by all the people of Shebeen, complimented for his bravery. In the process all women offers him gifts and Micheal employed him as pot-boy on the suggestion of Pegeen by this encouragement Christy was greatly influenced, generate self confidence. And it will not be certain to Christy to think and comment himself to be idiot for not having killed his father long before.

In this play father murder is treated in strange and disturbing way, on second occasion when Christy strikes a blow on his father was consider horrible and people find him dangerous. The second blow by Christy was not to defend himself but to defend his heroic image among the people of Mayo. So the people were motivated for self preservation.

Consider First Murder

The first murder was an accident, Christy run from the site to escape from legal involvement. He strikes for his self defense. The reason of blowing spade is revealed in Mayo Sheebeen when village girls come to see Christy, it can be assumed Christy spoken lie to the village girls as he want some extra ordinary reason; so he suggested that his father want him to marry old rich widow who fed him milk, or in other words he doesn’t want to damage his new born image and pride.

Second murder

When Christy and his father meet in Act 3 of the play, the old man started beating and scolding Christy even the Mayo people who considered him for his bravery ridiculed him and his grand image shattered so Christy draws out his courage and blow the spade again on old man head. The second murder is a deliberate reaction on the part of Christy. So the heroic image was rejected by people and they decided to hang Christy on self-preservation ground.

In the process Christy realize he doesn’t need fool people of Mayo as Manhood cannot be achieved on false assumption. So the stupid son of Mahon get matured, self confident not by physical power; but by asserting his own power to dominate.

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