First settlers in America?

The curiosity of man to explore takes him to the distant corners of earth. Their motive may be scientific, commercial or just colonizing other lands. In modern days technology we are putting our interest in space explorations and with advancement of sciences and scientific observation, we are getting more facts with the help of exploratory projects.

Well to the above title of post, Vikings were first European to visit America first as per “saga of Erick” later the Geneos, Christopher Columbus in his major four voyages discovered America resulting to the great triumph and material profits to the European countries, later let to the opening of settlements and colonization.

Taking Englishmen perspective till 1580, Englishmen were gripped in internecine conflicts but in late 1584 it was Sir Walter Raleigh, because he aid navigation; put efforts to know “is is possible to colonize other lands” and between 1584 to 1589, his efforts were to establish colony, which was later named as Virginia.

The First Settlement in Jamestown by 1607, after suffering epidemic and other disasters. This region was once a home for Chesapeke “Red Indian Tribe” who resented for coming of outsider; the confederacy, which had been formed under the name of their chief, Powhatan.

Minor battles ensued, as Englishmen were extremely depended on these people; despised them and even determined to demonstrate an absolute superiority. Englishmen massacre and Jamestown authorities burned and killed their own people.

In order to save declining Virginian settlement, Virginia Company which was chartered by king “James 1”, soon realized colonist had to be given some interest, so the power of individual enterprise lured by giving sizable tracts of land for a small annual quit rent.

Later in 1619, company establish the general assembly, which consist and his council later by 1620 Virginia company was dissolved hence transforming Virginia into royal colony.

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