Tragic history Dr Faustus Act 3and 4

Act 3

The scene starts with the speech of chorus. He started learning the secret of astronomy by studying heavenly bodies. He seats on chariot of dragon to trip all over the universe in eight days and studied Cosmo-graphy (origin of the Universe).

Act 3 scene 1

He is visiting many places likes Naples, the golden Tomb of Virgil, the tunnel of Posilippo and cities of Venice etc.  He make the visit in Rome, there Mephistopheles describe the geography of the Rome city. He makes himself invisible and plays some magic tricks on Pope by snatching his dishes and drinks from his hands.

Act 4

The scene begins with the speech of chorus. Faustus returns from the long journey. His friends receive him with warm regards. Faustus shares his experience and moments with them.

Act 4 Scenes 1

Mr. Robin who is an Ostler (stableman) by profession has stolen one of the Faustus’s magic books for an idea to spell some magic words; at the same time his assistant Ralph has called him for a customer in stable.

He draws a circle and warns Ralph to keep away from it. Ralph feels happy when Robin claims him to provide quantity of spiced wine.

Act 4 Scene 2

Robin and Ralph stole a wine cup from bar. The barman tracks them and demanded to return the cup. The barman searches both of them feel hopeless because of Robin Magic. Then Robin decided to punish barman for his presumption. He spells some magic words and called summons (authoritative call to attend or do something) Mephistopheles, all of them get scared by his appearance. Robin returns the cup to the barman. Ralph asks Mephistopheles for forgiveness and bothered him, but devil transform them in dog and ape.

Act 4 Scenes 3

The scene starts from the emperor palace at Innsbruck. King desires to see the Faustus magic. Faustus proofs his skills by showing the soul of Alexander and his mistress. One of the emperor knights make laugh and put some jeering remarks about the Faustus this makes Faustus annoyed and he make a promise to deal with knight later.


Faustus command Mephistopheles to bring the soul of Alexander and his mistress. The king feels surprised to see them. The Faustus do some magic and make the pair of horns on knight head for his insolence. When knight seem the pairs of horns on his head he started abusing and asked Faustus to remove the horns. Faustus answered him you are suitably paid for your audacity. However Faustus removes the horns on the behalf of the king but he warns the king’s knight (attendant) not to do so in future. King awarded Faustus according to his promise.

Act 4 Scene 4


Faustus prepares him to return Wittenberg at the same time a horse dealer arrives to buy the horse of Faustus. Faustus warns him not to take horse near water in any condition. Horse dealer leave Faustus for happy living with the horse but he haven’t follow the precautions and rode horse into water. Horse disappeared in water however he manages to come out of the water and wants to recover money from Faustus. He visit Faustus palace, here devil informed him not to disturb Faustus in the Sleep.

Horse dealer was in hurry to recover money from Faustus. So he shouts in the ears of Faustus and pulls his leg. As a result leg comes out in his hand. Faustus cries for loosing his leg and ask Mephistopheles to call police. Horse dealer feels scared and paid 40 dollars as a compensation for pulling out the Faustus leg. Horse dealer feel relief from the tight corner and flight instantly.

At the same time Faustus receive the message to display the magic at Duke Court.

 Act 4 Scene 5

After receiving the message Faustus leave for Duke Court. Duke longingly waits for the magic display of Faustus. Their Faustus offers to obtain any fruit for which the duchess Vanholt has a desire.  Duchess asks Faustus to bring ripe grapes which are available in only summer season so Faustus commands Mephistopheles to bring the grapes, with in a moment he brought a bunch of grapes from the countries of the east. Duke expresses his surprise at the wonder and offers Faustus a kind reward.

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